Wittenberg Radio #112: Getting Well

On the latest edition of Wittenberg, Kenji and Claudia cover Wellness Week! Organizers Charlie Peronto, Sandra Loeppky, and Danielle Morton come onto the show to discuss the event and the importance of staying healthy. It's that and more on Episode 112!


00:22 Introduction

03:39 Upcoming Events

05:08 Interview with Charlie, Sandra and Danielle

19:17 Music Pick of the Week

23:31 Wrap Up

Wittenberg Radio #111: The Mystery of the Fourth Floor

This week, Claudia and Kenji talk with James Magnus Johnston about the development of the Centre for Ecological and Economic Resilience, respond to some feedback of last week's episode, and listen to some music from CMU's own Joe Proulx! It's that and more on Wittenberg. 


00:24 Introduction

04:04 Upcoming Events

05:45 Interview with James Magnus Johnston

20:30 Response to Feedback from Last Week's Episode

22:50 Music Pick of the Week

Wittenberg Radio #110: The Irritations of Parking

In the first edition of Wittenberg of 2018, Claudia and Kenji are joined by Kenny Wollmann to discuss the recent changes of parking policy on campus. Also included are other voices as the show's hosts interview a variety of students on campus about the issue. It's that and so much more on this week's episode of Wittenberg!


00:25 Introduction

02:10 Upcoming Events

04:29 A Conversation about Parking with Kenny Wollmann

21:25 Other Voices: Interviews with Students about Parking

28:51 Music Pick of the Week

33:14 Wrap Up



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Wittenberg Radio #109: The Playlist of Christmas Joy

In this surprise Christmas episode of Wittenberg, Claudia and Kenji are joined by Myles Tiessen to talk about carols, Christmas hype and alcohol, as well as select some Christmas music to play over the winter break. Merry Christmas and we'll see you next year! 


00:26 Introduction and a Conversation

13:20 The Christmas Playlist

13:41 Myles' Music Pick

18:38 Claudia's Music Pick

21:37 Kenji's Music Pick

25:56 Myles' Second Pick

30:56 Kenji's Second Pick

38:10 Wrap Up

Wittenberg Radio #106: In Solidarity

On Wittenberg, we interview Elizabeth Schrag about her work in activism and solidarity, listen to Claudia's music pick of the week, and deal with some odd occurrences in our closet door. It's a fresh episode of Wittenberg Radio and you can listen, right now! 


00:19 Introduction

01:05 Upcoming Events

04:04 Interview with Elizabeth Schrag

15:30 Music Pick of the Week

20:22 An Odd Occurrence

Wittenberg Radio #105: Hand in Hand

This week, Claudia and Kenji interview Nadine Plourde of Hand in Hand with Haiti, listen to our music pick of the week and discuss some odd occurrences in our studio. It's episode #105 of Wittenberg Radio and you can listen to it, right now!


00:20 Introduction

02:54 Upcoming Events

05:50 Interview with Nadine Plourde

23:33 Music Pick of the Week

Wittenberg Radio #103: Joys of the Harvest Moon

This week, Claudia and Kenji interview Myles Tiessen about the Harvest Moon Festival, discuss some recent comments on the Wittenberg door, and listen to the talented Liam Martin. It's episode 103 of Wittenberg Radio and you can listen to it, right now. 


00:24 Introduction

03:00 Upcoming Events

04:10 Interview with Myles Tiessen

15:47 Wittenberg Door News

25:00 Musical Guest: Liam Martin

Wittenberg Radio #102: The Pilgrimage

This week, Kenji and Claudia interview Laura Carr-Pries and Colin Reimer about their participation in last spring's Pilgrimage for Indigenous Rights, Emily-Ann Doerksen reports on athletics and we announce the winners of our Wittenberg Door contest! 


00:21 Introduction

03:10 Upcoming Events

05:51 Interview with Laura Carr-Pries and Colin Reimer

22:47 Wittenberg Door Contest

24:40 CMU Athletics with Emily-Ann Doerksen


Wittenberg Radio #101: We're Back!

On the premiere episode of the 2017/18 season, our new hosts Claudia and Kenji interview Marilyn Peters Kliewer, discuss up coming events at CMU and start a contest on the Wittenberg Door. Tune in! 


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Wittenberg Radio #97

Another live music episode of Wittenberg Radio features Rosebud!! Zach Rempel and Nate De Avila give some insight into the behind-the-scenes of their music and play a few tunes from their new album "Night" live on the show! Tune in for some awesome music and conversation!

Check out Rosebud at https://rosebudmusic.bandcamp.com/releases and https://www.facebook.com/Rosebudsounds/.