Wittenberg Radio is a student produced weekly podcast at Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The show focuses on recent events on campus, as well as have interviews with students and faculty. Wittenberg Radio is a production of CMU Student Council. 

The Co-Producers

KEnji Dyck


Kenji Dyck is a fourth-year Communications and Media student and an aspiring filmmaker, videographer and photographer. Passionate about on-campus discussions and radio, Kenji is here to not only lend his voice and insights, but also his editing skills, as he is the co-editor of the show. Full of energy and positivity, Kenji is here to produce exciting episodes of Wittenberg, every other week.








Gabby Taylor


Gabby Taylor is a driven young journalist with a passion for people. She has an assorted background in both automotive and sports marketing, radio production, and selling socks. She has many medals and various accolades but her greatest accomplishment is the ability to wiggle her nose.